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31 August 2021 0 Comments


Concentrated active ingredients with a simple application

Ampoules are quick and effective problem solvers. They contain highly concentrated active ingredients and are adapted to different skin types. It doesn’t matter whether impure, oily, dry skin or skin lacking energy – the market of cosmetic ampoules offers something for every skin type.

Ampoules and their ingredients

Thanks to especially selected, extremely effective ingredients, cosmetic ampoules are considered as powerful substances with great and immediate effects. When producing the ampoules, additives like emulsifiers or preservatives are mostly omitted. Thus, ingredients appear in a pure and concentrated form. This way, skin tolerance is improved and the skin can better absorb the highly dosed concentration of active ingredients.

The variety of ampoules

Ampoules are available in numerous combinations. They provide innovation and variety. They could also be described as “skin vacation” or “cure time”: different needs of the skin can be treated with a cure of ampoules. They can be applied to increase the skin´s moisture content as well as to tighten and calm the skin. Ampoules are also used as a stimulating vitamin cure or to prepare the skin for special occasions (e.g. a wedding). Thanks to the wide variety of the active ingredients and the convenient application, cosmetic ampoules provide a fitting cure for every skin type and skin condition.

Advantages and characteristics of cosmetics ampoules

Ampoules are regarded as additional care products and are applied under the daily face care. They are easy to apply and provide optimal hygiene conditions (small opening, little contact with airborne germs). This helps additionally to prevent or reduce the use of preservatives. The very convenient packaging of the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek derma.cosmetics ampoules in form of tubes are particularly easy to handle: Thanks to the use of a high-quality synthetic material, there is no danger of injury by glass splinters which may occur with the glass ampoules frequently used. With the convenient tip of the applicator, the active ingredients can be applied precisely. Another advantage: the ampoules are reclosable and are thus also suitable for the application over several days.

How are ampoules used correctly?

  1. Thoroughly cleanse face, neck and cleavage with care products according to the skin type.

  2. Apply a face tonic in order to rebuild the acid mantle of the skin and to improve the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.

  3. When using derma.cosmetics ampoules simply turn off the wings on the applicator tip and sprinkle the product in the palm of your hand. To close it again, put the tip of the ampoule back on the opening. For glass ampoules, firmly hold the ampoule with your left hand and carefully tilt the ampoule’s head backwards with the right hand until it breaks.

  4. The valuable ingredients are now applied with the fingertips and gently tapped until the impression arises that the skin is saturated.

  5. In case a small rest is left, this should be used as quickly as possible (due to the preservation and the sensitivity of the high concentrated active ingredients).

  6. Finally, apply your usual care products.