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31 August 2021 0 Comments



In layman’s terms, a crystal facial roller is a beauty tool that has a polished, rounded crystal attached to one end, for use on one’s face. The tool often has dual ends, with a long oval-shaped stone on one end for the flat planes of your face like your cheeks, forehead and chin, and a smaller, rounder stone on the other end for under-eye areas, nose and eyes.

The roller can come in a range of crystal types, but the usual suspects are jade, rose quartz, tourmaline, and amethyst.


It’s safe to say: quite a while. There’s evidence of the use of flat jade stones on the skin in China as far back as the 7th century, and the traditional practice is still used in Gua sha treatments, where the skin is gently scraped to promote oxygenation and regeneration.

The use of other crystals for skincare has also been seen in the Middle Ages and in ancient India.


The general purpose of the facial roller is to facilitate in a DIY lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to gently drain lymph (fluid) from skin and muscle tissue; and to help stimulate oxygen flow to the skin.

You should be incorporation your facial roller into either your morning or evening skincare routine, or both. Start by applying your favourite serum/facial cream and start rolling on in an upward motion.

PRO TIP: Jade stone is known to have a natural coolness and that can be enhanced by keeping the roller in fridge couple of hours before you start to roll.


If you type ‘crystal facial roller’ into Google, quite a few searches will float tot the top, offering rollers with all different types of crystals, from amethysts to quartz and jades. Discovering which one is right for you is just like choosing a crystal for any other purpose—look at the individual properties of the crystal and go towards the one that calls to you most.

Here are the different types of crystals and their benefits:

Rose quartz: The ultimate beauty crystal, known as the Crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels, while delivering inner healing and clear complexity. This ’emotional healer’ can be used to reduce and release impurities and stress in the skin. Its best for detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.

Clear quartz: Clear quartzes are known as the Master Healers, because they are the most powerful healing stone and are great to pair with other crystals in order to amplify their energy. Clear quartz has a very high silica content, which is an important mineral for our skin health.

Amethyst: Amethysts are powerful and protective crystals that soothe away day-to- day stresses. They also calm inflammation and are great for acne-prone skin.

Blue soladite: Excellent for hydrating skin cells and overall health of the skin, Blue soladite calms inflammation, promotes healing and helps with balancing mineral deficiency.

Jade: Ideal for wrinkles and loose skin, jade helps raise the immunity of the skin, as well as grow new skin cells. Jade is highly calming which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It also improves skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage and help prevent wrinkles.

Red jasper: Known throughout history as the Goddess’s stone and as the symbol of bold beauty, Red jasper is a stone of vibrancy and endurance. It is used for hyperpigmentation and dark spots and can also be used to stimulate the root chakra.

Black obsidian: Black obsidian has the most potent energies, with elements of fire, water, and earth. With consistent use it brings imbalances to the surface so that they can be released. This healing effect penetrates the skin and rejuvenates on all levels. Negative energies are magnified so that they can be set free benefiting your muscle tissues over time.

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